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72-Year-Old Grandfather Teaches Himself How To Make Music

Rapper and youth advocate Andre “Add-2” Daniels was not expecting for his life to change with a single post to Instagram – but he was in for a surprise.  Arthur Dubois, a 72-year-old grandfather, walked into Haven, a free music studio for the kids located on Chicago’s south side. He asked the owner Andre if he could play his music for him.

Daniels, surprised by the request, explained to Arthur that this was a studio for the youth, but Arthur responded by saying he was “young at heart”. Andre was hesitant, thinking maybe one of the kids from his studio was playing a joke on him but Dubois was so persistent he decided to give it a listen.

Why Andre pushed the record button

Andre couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Not only were Arthur’s beats good but they were also beats for trap music, a sound mostly loved by young adults.

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BRUH! I met a 72 year old man who produces TRAP MUSIC!! When he first came in I thought it was by mistake but he told me he seen me on tv years ago. He played me 14 beats he made and I had the ???? face cause it was DOPE. I THOUGHT I WAS BEING PRANKED JUST OFF HOW WELL IT WAS MADE. He said he learned how to produce after he was told by the doctor to stay in the house and this gave him motivation. He told me I was the first person who told him his beats were good and it made his day just say this experience made my day. He said he loved this music even though the rest of friends and family didnt appreciate it. FAM THIS WAS BEAUTIFUL. Never judge a book by its cover. Shout out Arthur DuBois!! God is amazing! #HavenStudio

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“His beats sounded exactly like the beats I hear my 16, 17, 21-year-old mentees rapping to. I thought it was a fluke. I went to the next one and it was just as good, then the next and the next. Each time I was in pure disbelief.” Andre says in an interview with CBS News.

Why you’re never too old to learn something new

Arthur started teaching himself how to make beats 6 years ago by using a music program called Protools on his computer. Before then Arthur didn’t even know how to use a computer. He quickly realized learning the computer was essential to making beats.

 “I got the book Computer for Dummies and went at it!”

We asked Arthur if any of his friends his age were also into computers. “Not many of my friends know about computers and my one friend always asked for someone else to do it for him”, Arthur states.

Arthur is now a social media success story

Andre published the video on social media and it immediately went viral. Since then Arthur and Andre have appeared on MTV and Windy City Live. They have also been the subject of various news articles. There might even be a movie in the future!

When asked how he feels about becoming an overnight success he says, “It’s overwhelming – but I wanted people to hear my music and now they are.

Technology is not just a young man’s game. Arthur proves any age can adjust to a more technology-driven world. In his words, “you just got to do it and stick with it”.

It’s been said that seniors are sedentary and inflexible. However, couldn’t the same be said about millennials? If they had to revert to using a rotary phone would their fingers know how to dial? Who knows, perhaps our generational gap is closing in the name of technology.

Arthur offered his final advice to seniors about using computers, “Don’t ask for someone else to do it for you, do it yourself”.

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