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New Valentine’s Tech Gifts for Boomers

Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to ditch the flowers, chocolates, and heart pillows and give the boomers you love a gift that helps them live more independently and improves their quality of life.

Lisa Cini, founder of (think Sharper Image meets AARP) searches the globe for the latest tech products to help loved ones 50+ embrace living as they age including: wearable technology and products for improved mobility, safety, fitness, healthy living, memory assistance, and companionship.

“Technological advancements from Japan, Israel and around the globe can literally transform quality of life for aging family members. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give them the latest gifts available to improve their health, happiness and safety,” says Lisa Cini. “It’s now possible, without personal staff invading your loved one’s private space, for curtains to open, coffee to start brewing, the bathroom floor to begin heating, at a scheduled time, all before their feet hit the ground in the morning. Soon, walls will become computer screens, artwork, TVs and communication devices, and the bathroom faucet will automatically dispense, the proper vitamins needed for the day. And, it’s not far off that their doctor receives a text as a result of the health monitor in their clothing detecting increased blood pressure for two days and trouble sleeping. Special flooring can now sense if someone has fallen or is just sitting on the floor while other technology can notify you if your loved one hasn’t opened the fridge to eat in the last 48 hours or if a door opened at an unusual time.”

Top Valentine’s Gift ideas include:

  1. The Future is Here: Senior Living Reimagined
  2. Hive: The Simple Guide to Multigenerational Living
  3. Picture Care phone – Ten large memory picture buttons let you quickly dial your loved one.
  4. Dayclox Digital Clock – Simple LCD screen clearly displays time, date, and helps differentiate between day and night.
  5. Companion cats and pups, bring joy, comfort and companionship to your loved ones. With realistic fur, purrs, playful barks and sensors that respond to petting and hugs, your loved one can share in the joy of a dog or cat without having to clean the litter box or walk the dog in the snow.
  6. Kardia Mobile is clinically-proven and FDA-cleared as a convenient way for you and your doctor to quickly access, track and analyze your heart’s health with the ability to predict imminent heart attacks before they occur.
  7. Nightlight Surface Tray is a sleek modern light source, that can be placed on top of any standard night table. It is designed for anyone, especially seniors or the visually impaired to place, eyeglasses, medications, glass of water, phone, and other personal items on, so they will be easily located upon waking up, without switching on the main light.
  1. iGuardStove and FireAvert are automatic stove shut-off devices to prevent a fire or burned pan from unattended or forgotten cooking, saving lives and property.
  2. The Human Charger is coming soon to and it’s like having sun in your pocket, bringing light directly to the light-sensitive regions of the brain to increase energy levels, improve mood, increase mental alertness, reduce the effects of jet lag and keep winter blues at bay.

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Lisa Cini

Lisa M. Cini is the Founder, President and CEO of Mosaic Design Studio. A global commercial design, project management and procurement company, Mosaic’s mission is to "Improve Quality of Life By Design." Lisa is regarded as the leading Alzheimer's and long-term care design expert in the nation, and has been recognized for her contributions in the field. Lisa is most gratified by helping people who are struggling with Alzheimer’s, find ways to cope as individuals, as families, and as communities.

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