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The Royal Flush

Back in 2007, I traveled to Japan to attend the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) conference. I don’t usually bring my family when I travel on business trips. However, EO is different. It’s the type of conference that supports the whole entrepreneur while encouraging the spouses and sometimes even the kids to tag along. When I announced to everyone in the family about the trip, my Grandma, who was 86, expressed how she had always wanted to go to Japan. The truth is, her name was not included on the guest list. However, I knew right there and then that the trip was a once in a lifetime event. In short, everyone in the family such as Grandma, the kids (10 and 13), my husband, and my parents, flew off to Japan. It turned out to be an awesome trip filled with great memories that we still treasure up to this day.

The Japanese Toilet

You may be asking, how is this story related to toilets?

Actually, there is a big connection. While in Japan, we noticed how every toilet, even those that are for public use, are designed with bidet seats which provided great comfort, enhanced cleanliness, and an impressively wide range of options. These options include a heated seat and a hidden wand. The latter works by touching a button so you can be sprayed off while pressing a new button would allow your bum to be blow-dried. Since we were so frickin’ impressed, we’ve decided to bring the whole concept to our master bathroom as a Christmas present to ourselves.

No Pie, No Hi

Let me give some background information. Prior to our Japan trip, we had moved into a residence neighborhood which had a National Historic appeal. You need to be voted into this gated community. Imagine it like this: most of the homeowners were not baking pies and will not come knocking on your door to greet you: “Hi there. Welcome to the neighborhood.”

The Toilet Keeper

Going back to the Christmas season, I remember how I’ve been waiting for weeks for the bidet but nothing came. I waited even more but it all ended up in vain. Then, I remembered to track the package and learned that a neighbor had received it. So I came to their house, rang the doorbell, and asked if they got my toilet from Japan but had forgotten to give it to me. Although they had confirmed that they have it, it was quite an awkward scene. Nevertheless, we were able to get and installed it at Christmas time. Greg adored it.

Coco Bidet, BestLivingTechTrip To The Toilet

What followed next was the beginning of weird happenings in the house. Soon enough, when my kids would have friends over and wanted to use the bathroom, each one of them would go upstairs then walk into my bedroom. The purpose? To use our toilet. And it didn’t stop there. Each time we had a party, which was something that we would usually do, we noticed the same weirdness happening. Have I mentioned that our house also has 3 other bathrooms for common use? But these are no match to the master bathroom toilet where everyone seemed interested to go into and felt comfortable in using. When I remembered to talk to my friends about it, I felt surprised at their reaction. It turned out that they knew about it all along. It was then that I realized how the “Cini toilet” was a big talk of the town.

A Good Deal

We sold the house a couple of years later and started our new multi-generational lifestyle. Although we lacked the details on what to expect, there was one thing that we’re sure of: the 4Gen Experiment would also cover a number of bidet toilet seats that came built with washing and blow-drying features. With this thought, a wide range of possibilities had also entered my mind. First, it seemed like a great aid for my mother-in-law when she needed to use the bathroom which she had difficulty in doing as a result of her surgery. Second, it gives me and my sisters-in-law the chance to keep our sanity and dignity respectively in exchange for paying the price of $399 per toilet. Now that’s a good deal indeed.

Innovative Features

 Here’s what we learned about some features of the toilet seat and its “weird” but interesting benefits:

  1. It could wash and dry you.
  2. It allows you to take care of yourself thereby relieving the other members of the house from the burden.
  3. It gives a “sitz bath.”
  4. It has fans as well as other options.
  5. It has settings that you can manipulate to your liking.
  6. It comes in different models.

Wide-spread Appeal

One occasion which showed the bidet’s growing appeal was my daughter’s graduation party. On that day, we rented port-a-potties in order to accommodate the several hundred guests. Can you guess what happened? You got it right. There were parents who came to me and asked if it’s okay for them to use the toilets inside since they’ve been hearing a lot about them.

Since the commencement of our Social Experiment, we had eventually convinced a couple of our senior living clients to install the same toilet seats in their apartments. Indeed, a small dollar investment can be just what you need to help increase the independence and dignity of your loved one while reducing your burden at the same time. In the end, it’s a win-win for everyone with the positives outweighing everything else. If you’d like to see what we’re talking about, and maybe order one of these bidet’s for yourself, check our favorite style out HERE on our site at!

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