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Safety Products For Seniors In The Kitchen

Safety in The Kitchen Best Living TechSafety in the kitchen is important at any age. However, it can become a serious problem for seniors who are more vulnerable to slips, fires, spills and even spoiled food in the kitchen. The situation can also have psychological implications. If our senior housemates once enjoyed cooking for the family, they may stop participating. They might even avoid the kitchen completely and lose interest in consuming food.

Prescription drugs or medical conditions that affect the way we think, cook and eat. At times, it can also be the result of a physical or cognitive impairment. However, doing simple kitchen activities such as stirring a sauce, helping food prep, or cooking a casserole keep seniors active and involved in the home.

Luckily, there are a variety of culinary utensils and appliances available that are designed with adaptive technologies for seniors. Keeping these utensils on hand can definitely help our Senior chef whenever they want to cook or have their meals!

Here are some of the best kitchen tools and appliances to help our senior housemates overcome the daily challenges they encounter in the kitchen – while keeping them safe at the same time.

  1. Stove Safety from FireAvert

Have more peace of mind with the FireAvert! The device will turn off the stove as it responds to a smoke alarm sound if food was left unattended. The device is the most effective way of protecting your home from stove fires. It’s reusable, has no expiration, and doesn’t need any other tools or professional knowledge and skills. Plus, it installs in only about 10 minutes!

  1. Pressure, Rice and Slow Cookers

The Fast Slow Pro takes out the guesswork in cooking with its ability to automatically adjust time, temperature and pressure. Cook in both fast and slow modes in order to get the best flavor and texture. The Risotto Plus is a 4-quart multi-cooker that specializes in cooking stir-free risotto as well as slow-cooked and steamed meals, quinoa and fluffy rice. Lastly, the Slow Cooker with EasySear comes with high and combo settings. These create gentle and even heat to achieve rich flavors in soups, stews, vegetables, grains and meat dishes.

  1. Joseph Joseph Elevate 6-Piece Kitchen Utensil Set

This multicolored kitchen utensil set is specifically designed to minimize mess and enhance hygiene on kitchen surfaces. Each of the 6-piece kitchen tools comes with an innovative weighted handle, as well as an integrated tool rest. This keeps its head always raised from the work surface. This heat-resistant kitchen utensil set is made up of a spaghetti server, ladle, slotted turner, flexible turner, slotted spoon and solid spoon.

  1. LiftWare

LiftWare is designed to help people suffering from hand tremor or those who have limited hand and arm mobility. It is built with a selection of stabilizing and leveling handles. This helps seniors to regain confidence and independence every time they are having their meals. It has advanced sensor and motor-based technology that helps reduce shaking by up to 70 percent. This allows the utensil to stay at a level as the hand twists, bends and moves.

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